Monday, February 28, 2011

Just plain busy!

So I sign up to be a Tupperware consultant & my Walmart app goes thru, they call for an interview. Days later, I'm working in the deli! I have 2 jobs now! My first 2 parties are on Thursday & Friday this week - I am uber excited about them. Can't wait to get going on that.

I am enjoying working in the deli, something I didn't know if I would. I picked it up lightning fast and feel like I've already been there for months. I know how working with the public can be, but you get what you give. Give a smile, get one back. Going in at 4:pm today & closing for the 3rd time. I hope I can do something else besides the cases today. They're not all that terrible, but I want to do more than just that. I close with someone other than Lucy, so we'll see how the work is doled out.

I have 2 sickies @ home today. Princess Flufffyfart has been battling a fever since Saturday. A flu strain, I'm positive. Now the Dude is feverish, too. I am hoping I don't get it.

Monday, February 14, 2011

One Monday to the next

& it is just endless, right? The Mondays just keep coming.

Things are different this week. I am still a Tupperware consultant & had a semi successful grand opening party. Because I was being trained, there is no commission and I am very cool with that! My director offered up the gifts & incentives for my 3 party datings. Hopefully, I can get Amanda's TupperConnect party going full swing this week. I will just have to kick her in the rear. She's not only a customer, she's also my friend. Rear kicking is allowed. :)

& I go back for interview number 2 today - with Walmart. The first one went well, the manager I talked to was very talkative. She was also very nice, a good thing when you know that's who will be telling you what to do and who you'll be working with side by side.

I also have Princess Fluffyfart's V Day party at school. And, and it feels o warm outside. Amazing how sub-zero temps make 40 degrees feel balmy.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Mornin'

& I feel fine.
Friday...I got travelin' on my mind.
First you love me, then you say it's wro-o-ong.

Had to break out in song. It's one of those mornings. I don't have them often. If you could see me, you'd laugh. I'm like Rocky before a fight. Dancing around, shaking my hands. Getting ready. Are you ready for this? I need to go back to work. Yep, after 11 years without a job - 14 without a permanent job (two months recruiting for the US Census was kind of cush), I have to go looking for one now.

So, where do I look? What should my plan of action be? I already applied for Wal-mart & Pizza Hut. I have experience at Pizza Hut. Never mind that I was in my teens. I'm setting off to Dollar General this morning. We shall see how things go. After so may year without a job, it's kinda scary. My skills, the few that I had, are far from polished. I am dead tired this morning & my stomach is a mess. It's probably because of the polish sausage & sauer kraut for dinner yesterday, or maybe the salsa I snacked on (onion don't always agree with me). I'm not sure, but it's unpleasant.

The last week in my life has been trying & stressful - probably more than any other thing I've gone through. I have to stay strong & try to figure everything out. I've spent too many years lying on my back with tons of bootprints on my forehead. Raise a glass & wish me the best.


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