Monday, November 29, 2010

As always...

I read & then it makes me want to write. For example, in a description of someone's library: The books, there were so many books. A vast majority of them were paperback. You look at the spine and can tell most have never been left open on the arm of the chair, the next page teeming with expectation. The spine is smooth & un-ribboned.

Friday, November 26, 2010

The girl thinks with so much logic

And she is sooo truthful. Well, when she's not getting in trouble. She had another doozy today, I should have written it down. Her thoughts seem so streamlined & correct. I dunno where she gets that from. I may still remember what she said.

I ate too much today. Happens every year.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

OMG! I'm not dead!

Wow, over a year and a half ago I last posted here. I just lost the desire to spill my guts on the blog. I did notice that most of it was pretty boring, anyhow. I did forget why I started it in the first place. The biggest reason was the random thoughts I would have & want to share. Then I discovered the blogging community. That took me away from life for a while. I'd spend way too much time reading all the other blogs. And it was great! I enjoyed it, but it was too time consuming & I couldn't waste my day away on that. & I wasted many, many days.

I know I've mentioned in the past that I watch a lot of television. Now I have DVR. Even more television. That's one thing I do too much. I will muse about shows that I love (GLEE!!!!!!) and shows that I laugh at & would never put on the tv (Bad girls club...ftw).

I home schooled my daughter for kindergarten. Before the year was even over, I knew it was a fail for me. She, however, had a different idea. I entered her into the first grade in August this year and her teacher, bless that woman!!, always beams when she talks about how well my daughter is reading. She is the top reader in the class, head and shoulders. Not only that, but from my end I am so impressed with her ability to calculate numbers. That was where I thought she would have trouble & she's stellar. My biggest fail with my daughter, it turns out, was my inability to socialize her. While she is an ace in the academics, she cried everyday, several times a day, for the first 3 weeks. And the first thing that comes to mind when one reads this is..."awwww, how sad..".

It was sad, so very sad...for her teacher & all the other people her wailing affected. I apologized a few times to her teacher, bless that woman!!, because while I thought my daughter was gently sobbing at the thought of missing me, it was not so subtle. Nope. She let out her howls for every little thing that didn't go her way for just about the first three weeks. I shit you not, loud, obnoxious, howling cries. She still cries in class, but no where near as often & she has toned it down immensely.

I went to work with the kids in Centers last week and her friend K. told me .."she didn't even cry ONE time last week!!" K.'s eyes were wide & she was very proud of her friend. I almost cried.

7 is now 9 and is the bane of my existence. Still. I think I will worry about that boy for the rest of my life. He is still an amazing little dude he's just so difficult to raise. The most challenging thing I've ever done in my life is this kid and he's only 9.

14 is now 16, and while much improved & sometimes my saving grace, he is a royal pain in the ass. Great kid, bad arguer. About the stupidest things & most often I just shut my mouth. But sometimes I just can't let him think he's got it right. Of course those times, I end up super pissed & ready to take his tongue out & feed it to the cats. Is there such a thing a shaken teen syndrome? If not, then maybe I'd feel okay doing that...just once in a while.

The random thought that got me out of bed today: I HATE, HATE, HATE those stoopid kit kat commercials. For the love of PETE, would they please stop making them!? Who wants to hear people eating so loudly? I taught my kids to eat with their mouths closed & now Nestle has gone & ruined it all! Not only that, but the damn candy bars do not make that much noise - until the children try to make them make that much noise. You suck, advertisers. The person who thought that up, well it's people like them that brought about the need for lobotomies.

All that said, it felt good. Maybe not every day, but when I need it.


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