Monday, May 4, 2009

Some movies

Typically we rent movies at least once a week. It's been slow on that front, lately. Partly because there hasn't been all that much we've wanted to watch & partly because this economy sucks.

This weekend we rented a few titles. One was a Sci-fi original called 100 Feet with Famke Janssen. It's about this woman who was convicted of murdering her abusive husband, then, upon her release, is sentenced to one year on house arrest in her former home. It turns out, her hub still haunts her home. Over all, it might just be something worth catching on cable. The parts where I expected something to happen, it didn't. Kind of left me feeling dull. In the end, there was some good suspense & a bit of gore, which I expect in this type of horror film (or supposed horror film). I know ghost movies are unrealistic, but the ones that leave you feeling like "it's possible" are the good ones, this one was NOT that way. Part of the ending was ludicrous.

We also rented both Bolt & The Tale of Despereaux. I enjoyed Despereaux, but the little ones didn't so much. I think it was too much story. On the other hand, the little ones LOVED Bolt! I enjoyed the humor in it.

The movie I was somewhat surprised by was The Uninvited. That one had a good twist I didn't see coming. Sometimes I see that stuff & sometimes I don't. This one was GOOD! Loved it!

I am seriously hoping to have more to talk about soon. I am still making jewelry feverishly for the town wide garage sale, sold a bit more to my neighbor's sister & they are going to set up a party for me (how wicked!!). I took a photo of my work area today, but them my batteries died. SInce they are charging, I will upload a pic tomorrow. I don't think my desk has ever been so over worked. ;)

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