Thursday, January 29, 2009

What? It's already Thrusday?

Time...can't get enough of it. Kind of a miserable week, but I won't go into that.

Things are looking up, in so many ways. I think getting out what ails the soul is truly a helpful & constructive thing, no matter how it's done. Just so long as it is done.

I had a long & deliberate talk with my significant other after some very hurtful things & I know that happiness is here to stay. For a while, at least. Those hills & valleys are things we can set our clocks by...almost.

The kids are good & 14 is going to be participating in a junior dance competition. I am very excited for him, plus the fact that I think he got involved in it because of a girl in the first place. When it gets here, hopefully, I'll have some wonderful photos of him in action to share. He's never danced before, except in the gym class dance things, so we shall see how this goes.

7 is almost 8. His birthday is coming up around the bend. Last year his teacher & I decided to hold him back, not sure if I mentioned that blogging or not, but it was the absolute best thing we could have done for him. His maturity level, devotion to school work & responsibility are all right on target now. He's doing so well & not only am I proud of him, but he is proud of himself. That's the biggest improvement & the most I could have asked for.

Princess Fluffy Fart is growing & astounding me near daily. Her hair is finally a good length, albeit thin. My boys have nice, thick heads of hair - the girl is so much like me in so many ways. At least what I was when I was so little.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Change (life not blog...)

I think everyone gets to a point in their life where some kind of change must occur to keep life from becoming stagnant. Maybe it's just me, but maybe it isn't. It feels like I'm reaching that point now. Some part of me feels unfulfilled. An early midlife crisis? Who knows, I just know that I have to do something different. Something for me because the last 14 years have been about everyone else.

Don't get me wrong, I have time for myself. I make it. I will spend hours at the computer on the days I feel like it, especially if I'm working. It almost seems like when I'm working, I don't do enough of everything else I think I'm supposed to do. Then I get in a grind. Yes, a grind. By that, I mean that I do the same things over & over again until I snap out of it. I lose myself for a time. It's one thing I don't like about myself. When I get lost, I neglect other things, like housework. No, we're not living in a pig sty, but it is rather dusty around here & I need to vacuum. I'm behind on laundry & I hate laundry. That's the reason I don't like to get behind with the laundry because it takes every ounce of effort to catch myself back up.

Then, along with that, there's the feeling that I'm not doing enough for my kids. Oh, I do & I do & I do for them. But what am I really doing? Is it substantial enough? Is it quality or just time.

Here I thought all this time I was being myself. I don't feel like I really know what that is...myself. A fool, I suppose.

This is not a pity party, so please don't feel bad. What is this whole blogging thing supposed to be about? An online journal. Read & be read, feel the things that others feel, too. Relate in a way that wasn't possible 10, 15 years ago. I started blogging that way & then it left me.

There's so much more I could go into, but I won't. I just know that change is on the horizon. Much needed for my mental health. Thank you - now back to our regularly scheduled programming. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Oh yeah - I have the hardest time designing a blog for myself. I don't know what I like or is it that I like too much, so my own redesign might take a while...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Time to reorganize!

Over the next few days, there will be change going on here. I hope it will be for the better, with less clutter & a pretty up, while maintaining simplicity.

I do have my little Etsy shop browser on the sidebar, but I haven't uploaded new stuff. It's hard to keep paying to do that when no one is buying. My first wave of uploads went without a sale. Not that it's expensive, but it's hard to reconcile even small cost without generating any revenue. *sigh* My first stuff isn't as nice as my most recent stuff, though, either. Wish me luck with that! (the economy doesn't help with a product that is an impulse purchase, either. ;) )

I may just stick to offering sales on the blog using PayPal.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I think I need a better lamp

Or something. relying on Mother Nature for photos isn't fun. I don't like taking pics of jewelry with a flash. I think it takes away from the natural look of the stuff. Today we have no sunshine & yesterday was perfect except I had no time to take the pics...*sigh*

Last week, my kids had a few snow, or rather, too cold to go to school days. 14 was talking about a comedian that one of his friends from school kept imitating. So, we spent some time watching him on You Tube. Jeff Dunham. For the last few days, all of my children, my husband & I have been repeating lines from his characters, but mainly from Achmed the Dead Terrorist. Dock will get out of the shower & call up "SILENCE!!....I keel you!". Out of the blue, the kids will come up to me, while I'm talking and utter the same phrase. Then we all start saying it, one after another. I also like to ask my hub if I'm pissing him "off-fa-fa?". After watching excerpts on you tube, we did enjoy the full Spark of Insanity show on Comedy Central this weekend. Jeff Dunham does an amazing job with the puppets. All of 'em are a crack up. Da-da-da-daaa!

Silence!! I keel you!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Making rounds again today and Inauguration/Superbowl madness

Hey - 2 in a row - I must be MAD!

Thanks for the tips, Dee. I was definitely thinking simple this go round. I don't want things all cluttered up on here, I want it to be clean. I have an idea about layout, keeping it more focused up top & having all my "stuff" below.

I have to drop by Susie to see if she has any helpful Superbowl party snacks. I am excited about the Superbowl because my STEELERS are going again. They got the one for the thumb in XL, where they gonna put this one if they win?? I have to wait 2 (almost) long weeks to see.

Today is a special day. Historical & I hope this improvement resonates across the world. Change of this magnitude should impact everyone & hopefully, the world is a better place for my kids when they are grown.

More recent jewelry - I am getting better. ;)

I have lots more but have to take photos.

Monday, January 19, 2009

I know I guess I shoulda called it...

...a hiatus. I want to be back, I do. I just haven't motivated myself enough to blog. Plus, life hasn't been all that interesting enough to blog about. Some people are really good at making the ordinary extraordinary, like Carrie, Jaci, Candance, O'Neal, Kathy, Cathy, Michelle, etc. I'm not so good at that.

I have decided to revamp the place. Any suggestions are welcome & wanted. I want to combine my everyday blog & my jewelry blog. That way, my business gets some attention (much needed) and I keep myself motivated to blog. I am asking for suggestions because I want to provide a place that's appealing to the eye, plus easy to navigate while perusing jewelry. I will update the blog with each new piece(s) and add some every day life stuff once in a while.

Shout out to me - let me know how inconsistent I am, because I need to hear it. ;) Conscious effort, my new motto!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday, Monday

La la, la la la la.

Boring weekend & I just wanted to make sure I post. I am busy working some blogs - yay!

The boys are back in school - makes me happy! Even if I miss them a little, there is much more peace here.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year, Fresh Start!

Everything took me away for a while, but I am back & I look forward to reading everyone again!

Happy New Year!!!


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