Friday, September 5, 2008

Props, pimps & preparation

It's not the kind of pimp you think. Or maybe it is, I'm not sure! Let me begin by saying I have been a very bad blogger! Awful & there have been occasions this week that I wanted to chime in some complaints and add soem humor moments from the kids. All of that is lost in my memory, now, I'm bad about getting it just right (thinking I should be recording such moments in a notebook or something).

The first prop & pimp is going to Jen! Fabulous, crafty, talented Jen! Her boys gave permission for her to create siblings just for us, not in their likeness, but similar. She then sent said siblings to me! They are the best, tightest knit & most adorable little soft friends I've ever seen! The kids gaga-ed ove rthem when they came in & now they sleep with them every night! I have been busy with a complicated makeover (I'll explain at the end), but when they got here - we took some pics! I present to you - Lenny & Minnie Moo (or mini-me, as my daughter calls her):

^ The cat had a complete fascination with Lenny - he wouldn't quit sniffin' him!^

On our way to the movies - the day the new kids got here!

I am amazed by the knit work - it's beautiful & the kids adore their new friends. Thank you so much, Jen, Guillermo & Bernardo over at Two Knit Monkeys!! The kids are so thrilled to have them. I think Lenny & Minnie love playing in their new castle, playground & houses the kids set up for them (I really need to take more pictures!).

The second prop & pimp is going to Christie over at Pretty Paper blog. When I offered blog makeovers to start my business for only $15 - she hit me up for one. When I looked at her blog, I had to ask for a trade - to see if it was plausible. It absolutely was! We worked out a deal - I made her blog over (I'm unfamiliar with Wordpress, but her hub knows it inside & out) creating the graphics only. She said she would have her husband upload it for her, as I don't know Wordpress - at all. I know she's been really busy lately, so you can't see what I've done for her, yet, but she created a FABULOUS little scrap book for my daughter! I've never seen something so pretty & it's such a personal thing, too. We got the scrapbook just yesterday and like I knew it would, handing it over to my daughter made me cry. Stupid sentimental stuff! Happens all the time with something that will be remembered & cherished for a lifetime (fortunately, I was barely able to keep my tears at bay with our new monkey & lamb friends, my boys would have been embarrassed!! It was tough, though). I know when I look to getting a book for my neice, this is where I'm heading ----> you see the button in my sidebar? Pretty Paper Store - amazing work, amazing talent. None of the images she has up do the scrapbooks justice - they are incredibly beautiful!

The following pictures were taken by Christie . Once I get some images in there, I will take some of my own.

Thank you both so much for the wonderful anticipation waiting for the mail, the wonderful things we got because you both are fantastic people with amazing hearts! It was a pleasure working with both of you on your blogs and I'm glad I could make you entirely happy with your makeovers! I know you've made us very happy here, too! You're awesome!

The third & final prop & pimp goes out to Monda over at There's Just No Telling. Not only is she an amazing writer - you have to go through her archives & look for some of her flash fiction, it's evocative work -she also has a very awesome book giveaway! I was a lucky winner 2 weeks ago and I got the 3 books I chose from her list. I enjoyed the contact I had with her because she is funny & just a hip woman! The card she sent with the books was handmade & pretty! Check out her other blogs, too - one she has because she is a collector & connoisseur of vintage typewriters Fresh Ribbon; and another she has for awesome writing prompts called Easy Street Prompts. Inspiration is only a mouse click away.

If you want to try your hand at getting some must have books for your bookshelf, then head on over to There's Just No Telling & look for the Ultimate Shelf Cleaning Book Giveaway. Thank you, Monda!

On another note - I have been working on a complicated makeover. Complicated only because I took it upon myself to learn how to illustrate using vectors (I can't draw on paper to save my life, I've never been that kind of artist). I wanted to learn & had an incredible fervor to do so. The result was a very personal makeover for a great couple (who are expecting their first child!! Congrats, congrats!). It reflects her family and there's nothing more personal than that when it comes to illustration. Check it out here - And Baby Will Make 4.

Couple this with the Labor Day weekend - we spent it at the inlaws (most of it) and I have pictures, but I'll save that for another post. The preparation part in the title was all about getting the kids ready for back to school. That's always a busy time. These are all the reasons for my lack of posting & incomplete reformatting info, not to mention my edumacation story. I am coming into some time here, very soon. My client list is waning, so in the immortal phrase of Ahnohld -"I'll be back!". I miss you all & I am sorry! I know I've missed much in the way of your posts - I am so missing my fixes of your humor, your hearts & your love!


noble pig said...

Those monkies are adorable!

jen721 said...

I am so glad the kids like them. They look well loved and taken care of. I may need a couple special two knit monkey corrospondents in the future. I know just who to call.

Susie said...

I love those darn monkeys! And, those scrapebooks are really cute:-)

Candance said...

Monda is wonderful, huh? I just adore her!! The monkeys are precious, I have to visit the pretty paper lady because I often find myself in the market for pretty paper in my current position. The drawings on the blog? AWESOME!

christie said...

Thank you so much for the beautiful sentiments! You're too kind! I love your work and I can't wait for my husband to get a minute to get it all up! I'll be sure to do a fun write up on your work as soon as it's all up and running! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

OOOO and thanks for putting up my button!

Dee said...

Those little friends are great, and that scrapbook is beautiful.

Amber said...

Oh, those are the types of siblings I should have gone with. Darn it...too late.

Happy early B-day to you. To answer your questions, my real B-day is on the 24th. She did the party early to try to surprise me and she is also going out of the town the week of the actual day.

Crazy Momma said...

The monkies are too darned cute!!

Thanks for sharing the comment love!

scribbler said...

i cried singing puff the magic dragon to the bub last night. mommas are so lame.

Amber said...

Hey, small mission for you. Come see me.

Outnumbered2to1 said...

Hmmm. Trading for awesome blogs. what do I have? I'll have to think on this one. You are a very talented lady!


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