Saturday, August 2, 2008

It's still August 2 (it felt like it was after midnight). I have not been blogging much. Staring a new business has been a little on the fruitful side. I am making people happy! For me, it's what's most important!

The kids are all fab - today we had a bit of frustration - on my part & Baseball had it in him to mention that he "wouldn't live under a dictatorship" in "his house". Come on, laugh with me. I am so not a dictator, it isn't even funny! While I am the main disciplinarian (why do we always get that job?), I am fun, too. Even he will tell people that. He likes me. It's good when your 13 (almost 14) year old likes you, no?

After his little meltdown, he is wanting me to let him play on my computer. I can't, with a clear head, allow him that because it is important to make sure he understands there is no reward for shitty behavior. And he was - very! The comment about the dictatorship I had to share because it amused me so. He.was.awful!

It's bedtime for Bonzo (Dew), so I'll be around. Maybe something interesting will happen to me while I'm away from the computer. Maybe...

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noble pig said...

Oh teenagers. I can't wait!


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