Friday, August 22, 2008

Crappity, crap, crap...

We had issues today - with the internet & with a power outage. First went the net, then the power. Before the power was lost, it flickered 3 times & then nothing. It was weird. When power came back on (it seemed like forever, but it was only a couple hours), we had dinner, then I went out & smoked, then Kyle rebooted the computer. error message & I can't get into Windows. I dont' think I fried any components because I can get into my boot menu, I can run the utility (which I am doing now & it takes a loooooong time), I can get into set up. I was trying to reformat, but the comp won't read the disk in the drive. SO, now I have to try the tips I got from my friends Billie's computer whiz cousin & see if it works. If it doesnt, I will have to take it in to someone.

The cousin sounded positive, rather than gloom & doom, when she told him the problem, so hopefully, his tips work for me.

In the meantime - all I can do is blog & reply to emails. Anything graphic intensive is put on hold until I reformat (which I wanted to do, but didn't want to be forced into). I can't even get on this computer til late in the afternoon - after Dockman gets up. *sigh* What will I do with myself?

Talk (to someone, maybe)

Fun day tomorrow! Unless I can get me reformatted. Wish me luck that I didn't fry anything & I can get it all sorted!


careysue said...

Isn't it crazy that we can't live without our computers!

We're leaving today on vacation, and some of the kids are like--is there a computer at the cottage? or wireless for the laptop?

I cannot stand it when the computers are not working correctly...drives me crazy!

Good luck today:)

Dee said...

ahh,computers.... but where there is blog, there is hope.

Karol said...

Whew! Glad we got our stuff done! ;) Kinda lost without it, aren't cha? Good luck and hope you don't fry anything!

*thanks again for the makeover! I :heart: it!

Susie said...

I hate it when my computer doesn't work!! Since I am a SAHM, it is my life-line to the outside world:-)Good luck getting back to normal.

noble pig said...

Oh no don't clean! No, no, no! Play!

Amanda @ notsoextraordinary said...

my favorite: talk (to someone maybe)

as opposed to yourself? hahaha! you crack me up!


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