Saturday, June 14, 2008

Just playing around again.

So, I was a little bored this morning & I created this custom layout using digital scrap elements from Shabby Princess. The elements I used are free elements and I did not create them myself, I just altered them a bit to fit what I was trying to achieve.

The actual template is from Our Blogger, the Penthouse style. That is the template I am using for my own blog. They have several other ones. I discovered their templates doing a search & they are technically correct & easy to work with.

I still have so much to learn, but for now, I am going to play around with what I have to become more comfortable with this stuff. Eventually, I hope to learn everything I need to so I can create my own templates & my own elements (I have a good deal of experience playing around with design for other hobbies I've had).

I still have my offer of redoing a layout for someone who might be inteested. I will keep that open for as long as it takes. Heh. The practice will be good for me & any guinea pig, erm, person who might like a change is welcome to ask for one!


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