Tuesday, May 20, 2008


So I was off reading Post Secret today and I am just astounded how many people are counting down til their kids leave home & they can, too. I know not everyone reads Post Secret, but if you think numbers wise, sometimes people comment on post cards others send, usually, maybe a comment or 2 (maybe representing a bigger public number like 1000/1 comment can relate to the post card - maybe. Just for the sake of argument). If I think along those lines of relativity, there were 4 comments on the countdown post - 4! Double (or more), than who usually make comments on post cards sent, the amount of people counting down til they end their marriage. I find that very sad & I hope I never get to that point - never, ever, ever....

1 comment:

careysue said...

I have never gone to postsecret before...interesting stuff. Some of it's really sad.

I guess it's a safe place to confess-or just get it off your mind.


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