Thursday, May 22, 2008

A visit from the bro & kid ideas.

My brother & his wife are moving to New Jersey from San Francisco. JT #2 is already in NJ. JT #1 is driving because he has to? They have 2 doggies (my canine nephews, as the JTs have no children) and the cross country trip is kinda for the fun of it, too. JT #1 is travelling with a friend of his & they stopped by this evening to say hello (the visits from my bro are always too short, he's always on the go - really - ALWAYS). The kids were thrilled to get to meet their cousins. We've seen pics, but never actually met them. (Bosco is on the left & Padre, the right.)

Dew was asleep when they got here - I told him he had to nap if he wanted to stay up later tonight. Padre woke him up by kissing his face & Bosco by stepping on him. Maia was asleep, too, but Dew likes to sleep on the floor so he was the lucky one.

The visit was nice, a little chit chat & catching up with a good cup of coffee. The dogs were awesomely behaved! I mention this because we put the Porkchop away in Kyle's room so he wouldn't freak out & the cousins wouldn't have a nice snack before dinner. Kyle entered his room to look for something & didn't think to close the door all the way. Padre was cordial enough & just sniffed curiously. (After this event, JT told me that Bosco is a squirrel chaser.) Bosco made his way to the room & saw squirrel! Freak out - I have never seen my cat so scared (he never had reason to be). The dogs chase him down the stairs & I nearly skip the stairs to the landing & when I look down to the bottom landing I yell "no!" - both dogs laid down! The cat was almost in the jaws of Padre. The cat ran by them & was jumping up the storm door, the dogs both stayed put - did not move. Meanwhile, Pork was non stop - jumping up & down the door! It was weird & scary! Kyle took the cat (once he caught him in midair) back into the room & tried to soothe him. It's good the dogs didn't catch him cause we would have had an emergency vet visit for certain - maybe worse. Eventful, the JTs usually provide good entertainment when we get their company!

Kid idea #1, Squishy:
Dew provides us with hours of wonder & laughter. He is the main funny here - just because he is the one that symbolizes that old cliche, 'Kids say the darndest things'. We were out on our deck the other day. Dew is always fascinated by things he knows he can't do. He often looks over the side of the deck to the ground & asks what would happen if he jumped. I offer him the broken head theory. I remind him of this when he asks again & he says - "I wish I was squishy so could jump down & not break." My squishy child, he doesn't know that he used to be when he was a baby. See exhibit A ---------->

No, that isn't the Michelin Man's baby, I promise.


careysue said...

I think I had a couple of the Michelin babies as well!

Sounds like there was a lot of excitement at your house last night! So glad your kitty wasn't served as a snack!!!!!!

Love your energy!

noble pig said...

It would be fun to drive across the country sans the kids, sounds like a good adventure.

Amber said...

Is Boscoe a pitt bull? I love those dogs, but they scare me. Sounds like you had enough fun -- take a break.

Lex the mom said...

Carey Sue - the michelin babehs are the best when it comes to eating little chubba cheeks.

Cathy - Absolutely it would be! Though I'm not counting down the days til mine are gone, I do look forward to all we'll be doing once they are.

Amber - Yep, he's a mix, though - not pure. I don't think I would allow a full bred in my home with little children. Pit bulls scare me, too - to death.


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