Friday, May 16, 2008

Um, we bought another PS2

This one to replace the one that quit several months back. Guess what I've been doing? Yes, playing PS2 games - games that I wanted to play for a long time. Heh. The kids love it, too. It seems I'm letting them by with a little more time lately - usually Andy only gets 45 minutes on school days (he used to play Game Cube all the time) & Kyle gets 2 hours (he used to spend most of that time on my computer.). But, I am soft & I let them play more. My days are filled with playtime *evil laughter* when I'm not making Maia something to eat, getting her something to drink or playing with her. I know once the boys get home, they will take over. Plus, I am consumed with getting dinner ready & stuff. Tonight, I may have more time...heeeeeee!

Kyle is going by his friend Gabe's for a 7th grade shindig. He also has a field trip today - they're going to Navy Pier in Chicago. I let him take my camera and I hope like hell he takes good care of it. He's promised. He was a little pissy this monring because he played with the cat & got scratched, then he couldn't find the bactine, then he wanted a band-aid....I bet the bandaid was off before he got into school. I schooled the boy on keeping the camera bag & the camera strapped around his shoulder & neck, that way even when he replaces the camera in the bag, he has both securely attached to him. I hope he listens. I may be worrying more than I should, but I have to. That camera gets a lot of use & I think I'd be lost without it. Tony wouldn't be very forgiving if Kyle lost it or something (forgiving of me for letting him take it).

I have to spend some time this morning going around reading the blogs! I've missed the funnies the last couple days.

I will still do my soundtrack, I just got side tracked.


noble pig said...

That photo is just adorable...that cat looks exactly like he knows what he's doing...or is it a she?

noble pig said...
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