Thursday, May 29, 2008

Some pics from the first use of the new, fun sprinkler!

We hadn't been able to try it out until Monday - the only day it was warm enough. I say "we", like I did it, too. heh

She was upset because she really ran through the water. Water in the face & Maia don't mix.

I love when they ride together - even though Dew always objects, he ends up having the best time with Maia in there with him. He loves to make her laugh.


Amber said...

I bought the same fun sprinkler last week. They kids will run through it and then they complain cause the water is too cold, uh, duh? They want me to find a way to hook it up to warm water. I am thinkin' no.

Danielle said...

These are SO cute! I love them in that little car!!!


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