Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A new day...

A few new days actually and not a whole lot to say. As far as Mother's Day, mine was ever so peaceful. That was the best gift I got. The kids didn't fight (well, just a little) and Dock man didn't ask for a thing, took care of things & was a love.

Andy asked me when his day was. I told him it was his birthday & he wouldn't get another until then. He did attempt to capitalize on my day - telling me that he was so good, he deserved a toy or to do whatever he wanted. He was the only one of them that did that, though.

A heads up maybe? I was pondering things the other night & I am going to embark on writing up my life's movie soundtrack (I won't actually be writing the soundtrack, rather choosing the songs...heh.). A great movie tends to, most often, have a very effective & awesome soundtrack. So, food for thought. Maybe, if you choose to comment, you can share some of your own soundtrack. I think it'll take me longer than I want it to. I am still trying to figure out what milestones to give a song to. What heartbreaks, what fun times...ahhh, memories.


Carrie said...

The theme for the string of crap husbands would be "Oops I did it again" while the theme for my parenting style would be "Shout."

careysue said...

Probably--"Let it be" would be one, and another "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash!

"At seventeen" Janis Ian

"fix you" Coldplay

This is fun, I could go on and on!
Of course not in order that I've given you!

noble pig said...

I think the song "Crazy Girl" would be for me.

Outnumbered2to1 said...

parenting would have to be "Alcohol" from Barenaked Ladies

On a selfish note I think "Fame" and "Forever Young"


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