Friday, May 9, 2008

It wasn't what I planned.

Thank you all for your graciousness. I am so happy to be reading new blogs (prolly more than I should be) and meeting new blogger people. It's nice to know there's someone we can all relate to.

I really got carried off into that yesterday. It was simply my intention to pay an image tribute to all my kids (it started off as just "I remember..." cause I was thinking about things like "lasturday" and how eveything happened yesterday when they're a certain age, no matter how long ago it was). Steven & our circumstances always weigh heavy on me. The other 3 will get their due *rubs hands together mischievously with an eyebrow raised like Dr. Eeeevil*. I think that is part of why this blog thing is therapeutic for so many (I've read that on so many blogs!). You start with what's on your mind & then your thoughts carry you to some reconciliation or just a proper vent. It was good for me. I am always going to be honest in my blog, even if it hurts me. Even if it makes me look like the mom from hell. I hope it will inspire others not to go that route...heh. Or maybe another story will inspire another to take something a step further in their life. I know that much of what I'm now reading is not only inspiring, but uplifting and heartwarming & fun. There's so much I do (and question) when I read that so many others do similar things, react in similar fashion - it's so nice to know I'm really not loopy! Unless so many of your are on the slow boat to the asylum with me, or I'm following you all there.

That's really all I want to say for now. I am so digging this blog thing like I never thought I would. Thank you who read me newly & those who continue. Thanks to those who pop in & never return. Most of all thanks to those of you who make me feel like I'm really not alone in all the trials of being a mother & a wife. I'm glad I found you.


Blarney said...

Your welcome and right back at you. Look forward to more great reading & I've added you to my blog roll.

Carrie said...

No problem, I'll keep reading and you will keep writing and together we can put all counseling services out of business.

Kathy said...

Yeah, this blogging can be addictive for those reasons exactly! You get to vent and receive feedback from people who have been there or just care. It's really nice.

Carrie said...

Hah, I just wanted to add that if you and I are on the same slow boat to the asylum it would truly be one hell of a ride :)


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