Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Idol! Spoilers!

Okay - round 1 goes to David C singing I Still Haven't Found What I'm looking For (U2).....ooops, David A. singing Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me (Elton John) hasn't sung yet, oh well. Songs chosen by Miles Davis.

Okay - David C has the upper hand by a mile, but DA was decent. I just can't love him, though.

Round 2 - Also to DC..., okay, the other hasn't done it yet. As for the songs written for Idol, DC did wonders with crap... We'll see what DA does with his. Is it a Ballad? Prolly... Yep, but I have to give him this one. It seems those craptastic written for Idol songs are well suited for the boy.

Can we say gazillion commercials...arrrrggghhh!

Round 3 - their personal song choice. OMG! DA is doing a song he's already done this season. 100 whacks for him... DC does The World I Know (Collective Soul). Fabulous! Though, I wasn't overjoyed by the arrangement. He explains why this song was a good choice for him & I have to agree - progress on! Bravo!! DA doing Imagine (John Lennon) [cheater!] (more stinky commercials - but I have to see Hancock!!) I am glad DA is going to win - I hope that it means DC will be sooner able to make an album that I will stand in line to buy (if necessary). The judges loved him (DA) & I didn't doubt they would. I also think, if America is as predictable as they have been, that DA will win it.

To sum it up - DC is my favorite all time contestant on this show. He has shown some of the most original stuff (aside from Blake Lewis - but I just wasn't a big fan of his) and he has been one of the most talented...ever! DA has a lot of natural ability - he is a kind of prodigy. I just don't think he's of age, yet. Imagine the boy in 10 years - YES! That I can definitely see. He will be a knockout and his voice will have matured incredibly (and hopefully deepened..). I hope as he gets older, he finds his niche in music. As long as he continues to sing our lite station's repertoire, I will never buy his music.

Did anyone else cry with the season's recap images...*sniff* Oh, pooh!


Carrie said...

Oh, that was a good show. Are you phoning in your vote now? Did you see The Cook slam The Arch by saying I am not going to sing something I've already sung?

The boxing gloves are off.

careysue said...

We totally love Cook as well, he won't win (I don't think) which is good. Probably better for his career.

I read that they're tied in to AI for five years either way.

Is that true?

Blarney said...

Cook is so gonna win. His band was here not that long ago ... well before Idol ... and they were great then.

Oh ~ you've been tagged!

noble pig said...

Can you even believe that I forgot to record the show and I missed it! Thanks for the recap.


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