Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Idol finale! Play-by-play...heh.

Holy shit - DC & DA harmonize beautifully together! That was a fabulous duet! Loved it! Hero by Chad Kroeger & the dude from Saliva duet - from one of the Spiderman movies.

I love Mike Meyers! That was just so silly & funny! DA "makin' a boom-boom in his pull-ups"...hee-hee. Guru Pitka predicted that thee winner of Idol will be named David...

Syesha rocked it hard! With SEAL! Wicked! This is why I so enjoy the finales! I don't follow the pre show crap, so this is all a surprise to me.

Not a Jason Castro fan, but he did a decent rendition of Halleluah again.

Wicked the Davids got new Ford Hybrids!!!

The ladies were pretty hot with that Donna Summer Hot Stuff! I had no idea Donna had a new album. Don't know that it's cool or not, not much of a fan...heh. Let's Dance, she did, too & the girls gave her a hand! Wicked! She still sounds fabulous & looks pretty damn good, too! Bravo!

The Letter a duet by Carly & Michael! Fantastic! I miss Michael! Aways loved him & he reminded me of cross between Jim Morrison and Michael Hutchence. He moves so like JM, though! Carly has such a strong voice - miss her, too.

I love Jimmy Kimmel, this ought to be good! Valet parking with Sanjaya...ha ha. Giving Ryan hell about his look. Then Paula, now Simon. His parents are Rosemary & Satan Cowell. Heeheheheheheheh! The a plethora of his insults via video...OMG! Fabulous!

Top 6 guys now - Bryan Adams Summer of '69 - I so love Michael Johns! Strong for this, Chickezie sounds great, too! (miss that dude, too! He was another early casualty!) DC nailed that one! AWESOME! DA, okay, ballads are his strong point (they went to Heaven). Now the real deal, Bryan Adams. Cool! He looks really good! Age is good for him! That was cool! Another one, oldie but a goodie! Somebody.

I am enjoying the finale. They are usually pretty cool. I like that everyone is so relaxed & really having fun - I think I would love, love, love to see the live show on tour!

Love Paula's little dazzling clutch! To die!

DC & ZZTop Sharp Dressed Man! How wicked! I am impressed, but I can't believe ZZ sold out to AI...heh. Wicked job DC is doing! Damn, I love that man! Why bother with the guitar - they got him on that! Heh.. DC's genre, for sure. Awesome!

Can't stand Michalah Gordon...not when she was a contestant, not now....ew. She interviewed in KC and DC's music teacher.

WOW! Fan-freakin-tastic! Graham Nash Teach Your Children & Brooke White - has to be a dream for her! What a great duet idea from the producers! It's wonderful! I still think Brooke has an odd way of working the camera - it just doesn't work..with an Elvis kinda sneer.

I just now noticed, Jennifer Hudson is going to be in the Sex in The City movie! OMG! DC was in the Guitar Hero III commercial! They have him acting out the Old Time Rock & Roll scene by Tom Cruise in Risky Business! Already got the cash flowin'!

Who is this? Huh? Um, I hope this offends no one who reads my blog....GAY! That was just dumb & stupid... Ohhhhhew. The Jonas Brothers...I see. Crap at it's finest.

OMG! Recapping the bad ones from the beginning! I can't laugh any more! "Let my pipple go!" Hey, Reynaldo made it here! Hahahahahaha! With the USC band! LMAO! But...UGH! Now, Paula & Randy are dancing on stage with him.

Cool! One Rebublic! I like these guys (er, this guy). :) Apologize Oooh! DA joined him! Good one for him! Neat-o! He can't do the false(tto), though. Very, very nice! I did enjoy that!

Cool, Jordin! Bad dress, fugly dress - ick, but she looks fantastic & sounds even better! Idol gets them so good at live performances!

It's almost time....eeeeeks!

Heh - pips (Gladys Knight) auditions with Jack Black, Ben Stiller & Robert Downey Jr. Hahaha! Love it!

Carrie Underwood now - not a country fan. She's done very well.

Uh, DA just did the same Guitar Hero commercial as DC. *sigh* I thought it would be a DC exclusive. Heh.

The top 12 together doing Faith by George Michael. So far so good! Girls first with that, now the guys with Father Figure. All of them harmonizing. Nice. Now Freedom with all of them - cool! That was very cool - Chickezie hit it! They all did. Awesome! YAY! The George himself is here! Yeah!

WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! He did it! David Cook is the next American Idol! by 12 million votes! WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! Awesome! YAY! YAY! I love him. :) America got it right.


Amber said...

How funny. My husband is currently watching this "live." I keep giving him updates and asking "is that so and so?" He is all confused about how I know what is happening and going to happen before it does. Rock on David Cook.

careysue said...

Loved your recap!

noble pig said...

I am ecstatic with DC...he so deserved to win. He will be big.

Blarney said...

See ... oh yea of little faith ... Yeah for DC!

Carrie said...

Great recap. We just watched the entire thing again because my husband was off playing softball and didn't get to see it.

Nice job!


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