Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday's Foto Finish Fiesta!

In this picture, my two oldest boys are getting ready for Halloween. At the time, they were my only boys (no girls yet). I find myself near giggles when I look at Kyle's face because as much as he knew that was Steven - he watched me do the make-up - he just looks uber freaked! This make-up job was a big hit with Steven because he thought I did a spectacular job & he was successful scaring other children without even trying to. Steven did his own make-up the following year & won the first prize in school for the best costume. I guess I did teach him something...heh. Another thing about this costume - Kyle had to emulate it twice when he got older. It was that impressive to the boy.

Notice zombie boy has a Tiggeriffic Halloween bag...

Join the fun!

Friday's Foto Finish Fiesta

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Nice going, mom...

That would be me. I often manage to ruin the imaginative ideas of my kids by telling them the truth. I have a huge problem with being totally honest with them about (almost) everything. *almost - I can't tell them about Santa yet - I enjoy that more than they do. Shame on me!

The other evening, Maia & I were out on the deck & she was asking about the stars. I pointed to the sky & told her they were there. She looks up & can't see them. It's a clear night, so I know she can, but I get it. I tell her they're the white little dots up there. She tells me nu-uh. Stars have one, two, three, four, five (points). Oh, yeah, the ones we draw do, I tell her, but the real stars are just little points of light in the sky. I point to the night sky & make her see. She says...ohhhhhh. Like she gets it. Then she asks me what they are made of. So I use Pumbaa's explanation about them being giants balls of gas out in space. She says, gas? Ewwwwwwwwwww. I think I ruined the mystique of the stars for her. :(

9 hour long dredge of conversation...

Yes, it was as if dredging our minds of all the things we never talk about - all the sediment that rests peacefully,undisturbed is brought to the surface! All the while Dock man keeps repeating he's going to have to sue NIPSCO for his near future asylum commitment due to the fact that he has to actually TALK to his wife. Couple that with no baseball & we have a lawsuit, my friends. And...and the Penguins played that night, too - but it wasn't so bad we missed it - they lost the second game of the Stanley Cup finals 4-0, same score as the first loss. Ugh. (They did win tonight - it could be a short lived happiness - they were simply getting outplayed before tonight, but I digress.)

So, yeah - we were without power for 9 whole hours! What does a family do when this happens? Not a whole lot.

First - we had to eat our dinner on the deck because it was too dark in the house & scented candles screwing up the flavor doesn't sit well with me (I suppose I should buy some that aren't scented for occasions such as this one?). The dinner was lacking in side dishes, not that it's a terrible thing, but I missed the potatoes with the steak. Cucumbers & sour cream did suffice - 'cept Dew doesn't eat cukes any more because once they come back up on ya, even one time, all is lost on the flavor. He had steak & bread. Now, we don't often eat on our deck because (cheap) Dock man doesn't think we need a patio set. I guess I showed him, huh? It wasn't me that knocked the tree onto the power line. I could take credit to prove a point. I can't imagine Dock man would believe me, though. We didn't have any storms or anything, no strong winds, just an odd falling dead tree a few blocks from our home.

Second - Dew refused to go to sleep because it was dark. I chuckled way too many times when he brought that up because, "son, it's dark every night." "Yeah, but it's waaaay darker tonight." He was up until 10 o'clock. Not good for a kid who needs at least 10 hours of good sleep to be human (really, if you've had a kid like this, you truly understand what I'm talking about). Kyle was chuffed about the outage - except he couldn't play any games. When it was his bedtime, he was - get this - too bored to sleep...huh? Prior to his bedtime, he & I took a walk to see what was up. We only saw one utility truck with it's hazards on so we thought nothing was getting done. We griped all the walk back home. Dock man went to get us coffee after while I was left to sit alone in the dark with nothing to do - I couldn't even read, dammit! - stinkin' Dunkin was closed! Closed? They must not have staff cause there is no other reason. When he returned, he told me that there were several trucks on the scene, we just hadn't walked far enough to see them. The 2 of us agreed the workers were milking the holiday pay. 9 hours...

Third - Dock man & I played demo games on his phone for a while because conversation ran out. We realized that his phone co. (cingular/at&t) wanted money for every game - no free games at all. *sigh* I couldn't even finish one round of Tetris and he could only play 2 hands of poker. It was so quiet it was kind of awkward when we did get some time for ourselves. Hot Dog! (yes, I just said "hot dog!" - with kids around, you know the deal) We had to be ultra quiet - he was freaking out that we might wake them...

Finally, it was time for bed. I was debating whether or not to actually send the kids to school in the morning because I didn't want to have to sign them in if they were late (which they would have been without an alarm clock - I don't have an internal. Mornings don't suit me.). I laid down to go to sleep & voila! Fridge! Judge me for not wanting to walk them in...sad, I know - but I can justify Dew's missing - he has to do it all over again next year so he won't miss anything & Kyle is a whip, so he wouldn't have been hurt by it.

I got up to set my clocks again & looked out the window. I found it disarmingly funny that so many sleeping people had sooooooo many lights on in their homes. It was almost 3am. I know that when power is out in our home, everything gets shut off or unplugged (like the satellite boxes & computers) in case of a power surge. Maybe the funny was the slap happy kicking in, cause it really isn't all that humorous.

Side note: I love it when you call the power company & they ask if you want a phone call when the power comes back on..huh? Um, yeah, cause I won't know it unless you call.

Some pics from the first use of the new, fun sprinkler!

We hadn't been able to try it out until Monday - the only day it was warm enough. I say "we", like I did it, too. heh

She was upset because she really ran through the water. Water in the face & Maia don't mix.

I love when they ride together - even though Dew always objects, he ends up having the best time with Maia in there with him. He loves to make her laugh.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A visit from the bro & kid ideas.

My brother & his wife are moving to New Jersey from San Francisco. JT #2 is already in NJ. JT #1 is driving because he has to? They have 2 doggies (my canine nephews, as the JTs have no children) and the cross country trip is kinda for the fun of it, too. JT #1 is travelling with a friend of his & they stopped by this evening to say hello (the visits from my bro are always too short, he's always on the go - really - ALWAYS). The kids were thrilled to get to meet their cousins. We've seen pics, but never actually met them. (Bosco is on the left & Padre, the right.)

Dew was asleep when they got here - I told him he had to nap if he wanted to stay up later tonight. Padre woke him up by kissing his face & Bosco by stepping on him. Maia was asleep, too, but Dew likes to sleep on the floor so he was the lucky one.

The visit was nice, a little chit chat & catching up with a good cup of coffee. The dogs were awesomely behaved! I mention this because we put the Porkchop away in Kyle's room so he wouldn't freak out & the cousins wouldn't have a nice snack before dinner. Kyle entered his room to look for something & didn't think to close the door all the way. Padre was cordial enough & just sniffed curiously. (After this event, JT told me that Bosco is a squirrel chaser.) Bosco made his way to the room & saw squirrel! Freak out - I have never seen my cat so scared (he never had reason to be). The dogs chase him down the stairs & I nearly skip the stairs to the landing & when I look down to the bottom landing I yell "no!" - both dogs laid down! The cat was almost in the jaws of Padre. The cat ran by them & was jumping up the storm door, the dogs both stayed put - did not move. Meanwhile, Pork was non stop - jumping up & down the door! It was weird & scary! Kyle took the cat (once he caught him in midair) back into the room & tried to soothe him. It's good the dogs didn't catch him cause we would have had an emergency vet visit for certain - maybe worse. Eventful, the JTs usually provide good entertainment when we get their company!

Kid idea #1, Squishy:
Dew provides us with hours of wonder & laughter. He is the main funny here - just because he is the one that symbolizes that old cliche, 'Kids say the darndest things'. We were out on our deck the other day. Dew is always fascinated by things he knows he can't do. He often looks over the side of the deck to the ground & asks what would happen if he jumped. I offer him the broken head theory. I remind him of this when he asks again & he says - "I wish I was squishy so could jump down & not break." My squishy child, he doesn't know that he used to be when he was a baby. See exhibit A ---------->

No, that isn't the Michelin Man's baby, I promise.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Idol finale! Play-by-play...heh.

Holy shit - DC & DA harmonize beautifully together! That was a fabulous duet! Loved it! Hero by Chad Kroeger & the dude from Saliva duet - from one of the Spiderman movies.

I love Mike Meyers! That was just so silly & funny! DA "makin' a boom-boom in his pull-ups"...hee-hee. Guru Pitka predicted that thee winner of Idol will be named David...

Syesha rocked it hard! With SEAL! Wicked! This is why I so enjoy the finales! I don't follow the pre show crap, so this is all a surprise to me.

Not a Jason Castro fan, but he did a decent rendition of Halleluah again.

Wicked the Davids got new Ford Hybrids!!!

The ladies were pretty hot with that Donna Summer Hot Stuff! I had no idea Donna had a new album. Don't know that it's cool or not, not much of a fan...heh. Let's Dance, she did, too & the girls gave her a hand! Wicked! She still sounds fabulous & looks pretty damn good, too! Bravo!

The Letter a duet by Carly & Michael! Fantastic! I miss Michael! Aways loved him & he reminded me of cross between Jim Morrison and Michael Hutchence. He moves so like JM, though! Carly has such a strong voice - miss her, too.

I love Jimmy Kimmel, this ought to be good! Valet parking with Sanjaya...ha ha. Giving Ryan hell about his look. Then Paula, now Simon. His parents are Rosemary & Satan Cowell. Heeheheheheheheh! The a plethora of his insults via video...OMG! Fabulous!

Top 6 guys now - Bryan Adams Summer of '69 - I so love Michael Johns! Strong for this, Chickezie sounds great, too! (miss that dude, too! He was another early casualty!) DC nailed that one! AWESOME! DA, okay, ballads are his strong point (they went to Heaven). Now the real deal, Bryan Adams. Cool! He looks really good! Age is good for him! That was cool! Another one, oldie but a goodie! Somebody.

I am enjoying the finale. They are usually pretty cool. I like that everyone is so relaxed & really having fun - I think I would love, love, love to see the live show on tour!

Love Paula's little dazzling clutch! To die!

DC & ZZTop Sharp Dressed Man! How wicked! I am impressed, but I can't believe ZZ sold out to AI...heh. Wicked job DC is doing! Damn, I love that man! Why bother with the guitar - they got him on that! Heh.. DC's genre, for sure. Awesome!

Can't stand Michalah Gordon...not when she was a contestant, not now....ew. She interviewed in KC and DC's music teacher.

WOW! Fan-freakin-tastic! Graham Nash Teach Your Children & Brooke White - has to be a dream for her! What a great duet idea from the producers! It's wonderful! I still think Brooke has an odd way of working the camera - it just doesn't work..with an Elvis kinda sneer.

I just now noticed, Jennifer Hudson is going to be in the Sex in The City movie! OMG! DC was in the Guitar Hero III commercial! They have him acting out the Old Time Rock & Roll scene by Tom Cruise in Risky Business! Already got the cash flowin'!

Who is this? Huh? Um, I hope this offends no one who reads my blog....GAY! That was just dumb & stupid... Ohhhhhew. The Jonas Brothers...I see. Crap at it's finest.

OMG! Recapping the bad ones from the beginning! I can't laugh any more! "Let my pipple go!" Hey, Reynaldo made it here! Hahahahahaha! With the USC band! LMAO! But...UGH! Now, Paula & Randy are dancing on stage with him.

Cool! One Rebublic! I like these guys (er, this guy). :) Apologize Oooh! DA joined him! Good one for him! Neat-o! He can't do the false(tto), though. Very, very nice! I did enjoy that!

Cool, Jordin! Bad dress, fugly dress - ick, but she looks fantastic & sounds even better! Idol gets them so good at live performances!

It's almost time....eeeeeks!

Heh - pips (Gladys Knight) auditions with Jack Black, Ben Stiller & Robert Downey Jr. Hahaha! Love it!

Carrie Underwood now - not a country fan. She's done very well.

Uh, DA just did the same Guitar Hero commercial as DC. *sigh* I thought it would be a DC exclusive. Heh.

The top 12 together doing Faith by George Michael. So far so good! Girls first with that, now the guys with Father Figure. All of them harmonizing. Nice. Now Freedom with all of them - cool! That was very cool - Chickezie hit it! They all did. Awesome! YAY! The George himself is here! Yeah!

WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! He did it! David Cook is the next American Idol! by 12 million votes! WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! Awesome! YAY! YAY! I love him. :) America got it right.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Idol! Spoilers!

Okay - round 1 goes to David C singing I Still Haven't Found What I'm looking For (U2).....ooops, David A. singing Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me (Elton John) hasn't sung yet, oh well. Songs chosen by Miles Davis.

Okay - David C has the upper hand by a mile, but DA was decent. I just can't love him, though.

Round 2 - Also to DC..., okay, the other hasn't done it yet. As for the songs written for Idol, DC did wonders with crap... We'll see what DA does with his. Is it a Ballad? Prolly... Yep, but I have to give him this one. It seems those craptastic written for Idol songs are well suited for the boy.

Can we say gazillion commercials...arrrrggghhh!

Round 3 - their personal song choice. OMG! DA is doing a song he's already done this season. 100 whacks for him... DC does The World I Know (Collective Soul). Fabulous! Though, I wasn't overjoyed by the arrangement. He explains why this song was a good choice for him & I have to agree - progress on! Bravo!! DA doing Imagine (John Lennon) [cheater!] (more stinky commercials - but I have to see Hancock!!) I am glad DA is going to win - I hope that it means DC will be sooner able to make an album that I will stand in line to buy (if necessary). The judges loved him (DA) & I didn't doubt they would. I also think, if America is as predictable as they have been, that DA will win it.

To sum it up - DC is my favorite all time contestant on this show. He has shown some of the most original stuff (aside from Blake Lewis - but I just wasn't a big fan of his) and he has been one of the most talented...ever! DA has a lot of natural ability - he is a kind of prodigy. I just don't think he's of age, yet. Imagine the boy in 10 years - YES! That I can definitely see. He will be a knockout and his voice will have matured incredibly (and hopefully deepened..). I hope as he gets older, he finds his niche in music. As long as he continues to sing our lite station's repertoire, I will never buy his music.

Did anyone else cry with the season's recap images...*sniff* Oh, pooh!


I have been tagged by Carey Sue! I learned more about her because she herself had been tagged, now it's my turn to teach her a little something about me. And others who might be interested. Heh.

The Rules:

~Each player answers the questions about themselves.

~At the end of the post, the player tags other people and posts their name, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they've been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

~What was I doing 10 years ago? I was married & recently moved to Indiana. I had only 2 kids, Kyle was only 3 and Steven was 11. I was beginning to enjoy small town life.

Five snacks I enjoy-

~Vitner's Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ chips
~Potato skins
~Fire Jolly Ranchers

Five Things On My to do list Today-

~Check blog (I was missing all weekend - me, too)
~Watch Idol
~pick up & dishes (that is never ending...)
~bake some cookies! From the blog of the Noblest of Pigs!
~Read my favorite blogs - I think I've missed too much!

Things I would do if I were a billionaire-

~Pay off all our debt & add on to our house
~Visit all my friends & family!
~Travel the World!!
~Buy my family some things
~Give, give, give! (& invest, invest, invest!)

Five Jobs that I have had -

1. Pizza Hut cook/waitress
2. Hotel maid
3. Grocery store clerk
4. Runner/trade checker @ Chicago Board Options Exchange (wild ride!)
5. Application/testing coordinator for the US Census Bureau

Seven (cause I have so many more than 5) of my bad habits-

1. Smoker....
2. Can't sleep at night, too active imagination
3. part time gamer
4. want too many material things (really awful - want to resist, but sometimes I just can't!)
5. I'm not active enough
6. I cuss way, way too much!
7. P-R-O-C-R-A-S-T-I-N-A-T-I-O-N

Five Places I have lived-

1. Denver, CO
2. Chicago, IL
3. Koontz Lake, IN
4. Kouts, IN
(& that's all folks!)

Five people I Want to Get to Know Better:
A nice way of saying “Tag. You’re it!”

Mrs. Whimsy
Amber's House full
Candid Carrie
Crazy Texas Mommy
Just A Girl

6 Random things:

1. I wish I could be playing Kingdom Hearts 2 right now
2. I really have to peeeeeeee!
3. Picking up the boys in a few
4. I love the smell of diesel & airplane fuel
5. My parents were potheads
6. I'm not & I have to go before I wet myself. Heh


So I was off reading Post Secret today and I am just astounded how many people are counting down til their kids leave home & they can, too. I know not everyone reads Post Secret, but if you think numbers wise, sometimes people comment on post cards others send, usually, maybe a comment or 2 (maybe representing a bigger public number like 1000/1 comment can relate to the post card - maybe. Just for the sake of argument). If I think along those lines of relativity, there were 4 comments on the countdown post - 4! Double (or more), than who usually make comments on post cards sent, the amount of people counting down til they end their marriage. I find that very sad & I hope I never get to that point - never, ever, ever....

Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday's Foto Finish Fiesta

Peek-a-boo! Since we got him (2 years ago, the cat not the boy), Pork Chop & Andy have been best buds. & this pic is our Pride & Joy v2.2. The cat is looking mischievous & Andy, just looks silly in the sink... Why Dew got in there, I'm not entirely sure, but it was a great photo op & I'm glad I could capture it. This is another one of my faves.

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Friday's Foto Finish Fiesta

Um, we bought another PS2

This one to replace the one that quit several months back. Guess what I've been doing? Yes, playing PS2 games - games that I wanted to play for a long time. Heh. The kids love it, too. It seems I'm letting them by with a little more time lately - usually Andy only gets 45 minutes on school days (he used to play Game Cube all the time) & Kyle gets 2 hours (he used to spend most of that time on my computer.). But, I am soft & I let them play more. My days are filled with playtime *evil laughter* when I'm not making Maia something to eat, getting her something to drink or playing with her. I know once the boys get home, they will take over. Plus, I am consumed with getting dinner ready & stuff. Tonight, I may have more time...heeeeeee!

Kyle is going by his friend Gabe's for a 7th grade shindig. He also has a field trip today - they're going to Navy Pier in Chicago. I let him take my camera and I hope like hell he takes good care of it. He's promised. He was a little pissy this monring because he played with the cat & got scratched, then he couldn't find the bactine, then he wanted a band-aid....I bet the bandaid was off before he got into school. I schooled the boy on keeping the camera bag & the camera strapped around his shoulder & neck, that way even when he replaces the camera in the bag, he has both securely attached to him. I hope he listens. I may be worrying more than I should, but I have to. That camera gets a lot of use & I think I'd be lost without it. Tony wouldn't be very forgiving if Kyle lost it or something (forgiving of me for letting him take it).

I have to spend some time this morning going around reading the blogs! I've missed the funnies the last couple days.

I will still do my soundtrack, I just got side tracked.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A new day...

A few new days actually and not a whole lot to say. As far as Mother's Day, mine was ever so peaceful. That was the best gift I got. The kids didn't fight (well, just a little) and Dock man didn't ask for a thing, took care of things & was a love.

Andy asked me when his day was. I told him it was his birthday & he wouldn't get another until then. He did attempt to capitalize on my day - telling me that he was so good, he deserved a toy or to do whatever he wanted. He was the only one of them that did that, though.

A heads up maybe? I was pondering things the other night & I am going to embark on writing up my life's movie soundtrack (I won't actually be writing the soundtrack, rather choosing the songs...heh.). A great movie tends to, most often, have a very effective & awesome soundtrack. So, food for thought. Maybe, if you choose to comment, you can share some of your own soundtrack. I think it'll take me longer than I want it to. I am still trying to figure out what milestones to give a song to. What heartbreaks, what fun times...ahhh, memories.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Friday, May 9, 2008

It wasn't what I planned.

Thank you all for your graciousness. I am so happy to be reading new blogs (prolly more than I should be) and meeting new blogger people. It's nice to know there's someone we can all relate to.

I really got carried off into that yesterday. It was simply my intention to pay an image tribute to all my kids (it started off as just "I remember..." cause I was thinking about things like "lasturday" and how eveything happened yesterday when they're a certain age, no matter how long ago it was). Steven & our circumstances always weigh heavy on me. The other 3 will get their due *rubs hands together mischievously with an eyebrow raised like Dr. Eeeevil*. I think that is part of why this blog thing is therapeutic for so many (I've read that on so many blogs!). You start with what's on your mind & then your thoughts carry you to some reconciliation or just a proper vent. It was good for me. I am always going to be honest in my blog, even if it hurts me. Even if it makes me look like the mom from hell. I hope it will inspire others not to go that route...heh. Or maybe another story will inspire another to take something a step further in their life. I know that much of what I'm now reading is not only inspiring, but uplifting and heartwarming & fun. There's so much I do (and question) when I read that so many others do similar things, react in similar fashion - it's so nice to know I'm really not loopy! Unless so many of your are on the slow boat to the asylum with me, or I'm following you all there.

That's really all I want to say for now. I am so digging this blog thing like I never thought I would. Thank you who read me newly & those who continue. Thanks to those who pop in & never return. Most of all thanks to those of you who make me feel like I'm really not alone in all the trials of being a mother & a wife. I'm glad I found you.

Friday's Foto Finish Fiesta

The Boys of Summer

We lived in a house on a lake for several years (7 to be precise, I miss it). In this old house, we didn't have A/C. In Indiana, this can be very bad during certain times of year. This particular summer was hot & humid...too often. This picture is one of my all time favorite shots. It's simple & just very sweet. The day was so hot, all of us pretty much just sat around in our underwear. The blue boxes were new, they each got one for their toys. They weren't just boxes, though. Anyone who has kids can tell you those are cars, boats, houses, forts, caves, oceans, and whatever else their imaginations turn them into. We still have those boxes & once in a while, I let them empty the contents & take their car for a drive. Well, Kyle won't anymore because he's a ... teenager (I say teenager with the corners of my mouth drawn down in a comical super frown). They do grow so fast.

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Friday's Foto Finish Fiesta

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The house of movie quotes and nonsense words

I don't care if you believe it
that's the kind of house I live in
and I hope we never leave it - Dr. Suess

"They call me...Carliiiiiitoooooo, Carlito Brigante" Of course Dock man puts his spin on it. And Andy is Benny from the Bronx. - Carlito's Way

"You blEewW iiit!" After a child had decided against something & has changed their mind or the child is asking for something they got grounded from. - Copland

Conversations with Dad:

7 "Dad, can I go outside?"

Dock man "Why?"

7 "Because I want to play out there & drive my car & stuff."

Dock man "Is the recosigned in place?"

7 "Hehheh, yes."

Dock man "Really? How about the farfegnougats?"

7 (lauging now) "Yes."

Dock man "Okay, so the frictions of the renacoles can't get you & the sarfisigns are put away? Is that right, friction face?"

7 (almost rolling on the floor) "Yes, dad."

Dock man "Okay, then...Carlito says you can go outside...who says?"

7 "Carliiitttooo Brigante."

Really, that is an everyday occurence here, that type of conversation. Fortunately, our daughter is the only one who is adopting the made up words in her vocab and, lately, making up her own.

We are driving home from somewhere & the dreaded "are we there yet" is asked by one of them. Andy (7) is good with the movie lines. He goes into the whole Incredibles part, in the rv. You know, when Helen is all elasticated like a glider, carrying them to the city.

He says "We'll get there when we get there"

Maia chimes in with him - "How ya doin' honey?"
"Do I have to answer?"
"Kids, strap yourselves down like I told you. Ready?"

And it goes until they get to Traction Avenue ("..don't take 7, take Traction."). This happens almost every time we go somewhere that has travelling time of more than 20 minutes. Both of them together, usually. I may just have to record that one day. It'll be a good memory to relive.

Another of Dock man's favorite lines - "You can't handle the truth!" Thrown around in any conversation, just for the fun of it.

Also from A Few Good Men - "Are we clear?" and if you dont' say the right word... "Are we clear?!" He wants to hear "Crystal". Oi. Most often this is in jest, I've never heard him movie quote when he means it.

The stories he has made up over the years are ludicrous (and, in my opinion, stupid), but the kids want to hear them over & over again. For example...once upon a time there was a big fat guy & a little skinny guy. They were friends. One day, they went out to eat. The big fat guy asks the little skinny guy, "What do you want to eat?" The little skinny guys says "I don't know" and the big fat guy says "I'll order for you." The little skinny guy says "What if I don't like it?" The big fat guy says "You'll eat it & you'll like it!" The end. Huh? The kids laugh & laugh....I think it's in the delivery.

Another good movie line - "Shut it down!" from the movie Dark City. Dock man always sas that when lights are going off or when his computer is getting shut down.

Our outdoor visitor.

This is a rather odd tale about a bee. I believe it's a Carpenter bee & we discovered the other day that that species is very non-agressive & I don't think it'll sting unless it's going to die (unless it can't sting). The tale begins last year...

I would go out on our deck to smoke. I also barbecue out there (go figure, can't do that in the house). This HUGE bee starts flying around out there. HUGE! Of course I freak's HUGE! And it's buzz is rather loud, so that creeps me out even further. So, if I see it I come inside. That doesn't work all that well because the damn thing won't leave the deck! It just hangs hovers, like a helicopter or rather a hummingbird. So, one day I am at the sink doing my dishes with the window open and there it is, I swear, watching me... investigating me, inspecting me. It's hovering in front of the window. Not super close to the house, mind you, it's at least 2 feet away from the window. Like it knows there are boundries (crazy, I know!). So I move out of view & I hear it move away. I go back in front of the window & here it comes again! I shit you not. It was a weird few weeks. I just started smoking on the front porch & when I cooked outside, I did it later. The bee seemed to like the heat of the midday sun.

The bee is back. I was out there yesterday, just minding my own biz, puffing on a mini-stogie (not really, but it sounds better than nic stick) and zzzzZZZZZZzzzzzZZZZZ. Eegads! Big sucker is back. Hovering as per his usual. The first thing I did was come inside & look up species of bees that are native to my area. Carpenter bee it is. It's the only thing it could be. It still has me weirded out, so the Dock man comes to my rescue. Brave as he is, he leaned out the storm door with the fly swatter (as if that would even make the thing's HUGE!) and kept swatting at it in the air. It wouldn't go. *sigh* After the Dock man heads to the dock, I decided to go out & smoke again. Mr. bee wasn't out there when I first got out there, but he joined me.

After reading up on them, I looked all around the deck for the nest. I didn't look on the underside yet, but what of the deck I did see I couldn't find any nest there. We do have a bunch of evergreens behind our house, so the nest could also be in one of those. Carpenter bees are solitary insects, they don't colonize the same way the others do. At any rate, Mr. bee has joined me for my smoke. I was trying not to fear it. I had my trusty fly swatter, but I realized if I didn't swing it, Mr. bee didn't freak & start diving around my head. I kind of got used to him hovering & watching me. It's like the bee is curious. So I show my kids through the storm door how cool this guy is. Andy is terrified of bees. He had fascination & fear. The other 2 were just fascinated. I go to thinking, if this guy was going to sting, he'd have done it by now. All of us ventured out on the deck. Andy got under a blanket...and sat on the deck between 2 chairs. Maia was just watching it hover around us. Mr. bee made his rounds, a few times. Got about 2 feet away from each of our faces (boundaries, I tell you) & hovered, seeming to check us out. He never got too close & he never bothered us. We would watch him chase other bugs away from the deck, but nothing more. It was an intriguing thing. We were out there for at least a half hour, 45 minutes.

Another weird thing about Mr. bee, my cat will chase & try to eat any bug he sees...any bug, even a wasp..ew & I try to discourage him from doing that to the wasps we see once in a while. Big ole Porkchop just watched Mr. bee. Laid down & watched him with the same seeming curiosity as Mr. bee had for us. Later last evening, my cat was even chasing (and trying to eat) a big flying beetle that came up on the deck...weirdo. He left the bee alone.

Here's some video of him I took with my camera. Sorry if it's wacky movement, I had to use the standard viewfinder to keep him in the frame because it was much harder to see him on the screen.

And photo:

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Genre vote!

Can you help me out & cast your vote on which genre to write in next? It makes for good practice. Thanks!

My Writer's Block

Monday, May 5, 2008

About the spark plug...

That was indeed the issue! Spark plug tightened & voila - car is purring again. It does still make those wonder clunky noises and I still imagine me as poor Wile E. smashed under the roof by the hood - eventually, not today though. Whew.

Broken cars & thoughts on panties.

A wonderful morning topic. We have 3 vehicles. 2 of them sit in the garage most of the time. I don't often go many places & when I do, I use the red car - one of the garage cars. We have a 1994 Nissan Sentra that has, from it's membership into the family, been used primarily to commute the Dock Man (we are a blue collar family, so I will proudly refer to my hub as the Dock Man - dock = trucking dock) to work & back. I use it to rush the boys to their education in the morning & chauffer them home in the afternoon.

This morning...we have some issues. Yes, I was able to start it. Yes, it made it there & back. I don't often take a cup of coffee with me & today, the reason why was more pronounced. You see, since the car hit about 185,000 miles it has been making noises & sounds that induce my imagination of what may happen. What I envision is the cars underside parts just falling off, like in cartoons. If this were Wile E. Coyote's car, the sum of its bottom would just fall off & the rest would remain suspended in the air for a moment before collapsing with a crash & the doors fall right off, the trunk pops open, & the hood flies in the air only to come down on top, smashing Wile E. inside. This is how my imagination sees it. The sounds that eminate make me believe in my child like mind, that might just happen! This morning, even the engine was hesitating. Making the sip of coffee unimaginable, as I ended up wearing a good deal of it with each one. I go to cross the busy intesection & the car makes itty, bitty lurches. Like it wants to just give up. I try to hurry along the boys thinking I don't want it to die on me - then I'd have to walk home - UGH! I know this baby has given us well more than the $1200 we spent on it, but I think it's crying out for mercy. Poor thing. I made it home & I remember my Dock Man telling me about a spark plug issue...maybe that is all this is. I'd love to be able to get several more thousand miles out of her. She's been a good car & we are just under 200,000. A dream with only basic maintenance.

On to the panties. So I'm falling asleep last night thinking about the thong & the boy shorts & basic cotton briefs. Why, you ask, was I thinking about this? Well, recently I bought a few new bras. For the Dock Man's benefit, I paired 2 of them up with matching panties...hushaaaaaw! One mildly annoying thong and one boy short. The boy shorts are the most comfortable pair I've ever owned. They are a mix of lace & a polyester blend (as per the usual pretty panty make up) and must have some light lycra in them because they are super soft stretchy. & a loose stretchy, but a nice tight fit (for Dock Man's benefit). Nothing but a minor boy short wedgie. I can deal with it. I haven't ever been comfortable in a thing, er... thong. A full Monty wedgie is all I can think of to describe that. A wedgie you can't pull away no matter how much you fidget & fuss. My thongs are for decorative puproses only. After the fun, the thong is done. Most commonly, I prefer the cotton brief, bikini brief because I think I'm still too young for the huge granny pannies. (confession: I have a few pairs but I only wear them during the dot's time) The cotton briefs prevent yeast (yes, yuck, but for some of us it's a given.) and they really are comfortable & mostly wedgie free - unless I find myself in an awkward gymnastic position - rarely happens, but I have 4 kids. I'm sure it's happened to the best of us. If anyone can tell me, what besides the amusement of the man, is a thong for?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

A new Vacuum!

Domesticity at its finest. So, I bought the Hoover Mach 5. It's a cyclonic vacuum, comparable to the Dyson vacs, or so they claim. I have never used a Dyson, so I don't have that comparison to make. I do, however, have a comparison to my old vacuum. This baby seems to have rocket powered suction! The new Hoover sucked up so much cat hair, you'd think I hadn't vacuum in 2 weeks. I know my cat didn't lose that much hair since I last vacuumed. I'm thinking that is the residual stuff my old vacuum couldn't suck up. I am very happy. It's also quieter than the old one.

When I brought it in, you'd have thought I had a new puppy or some awesome new toy for the kids. They were all over it! My oldest here, he does the stairs for me. He was ready to get on that job the moment he got the vacuum put together. Yes, he started on putting it together before I could even get settled in & get the other stuff put away. It's shiny & has bright metallic orange buttons. The little ones wanted to push each & every one. It's cool & they were happier than I was.

Being that I'm tired, this all sounds very mundane, almost boring. I guess it's not something I'm all that passionate about. It doesn't take much for something like a new vacuum to not be so exciting any more, especially once you have to use it.

I was thinking about Candid Carrie's blog today - great read. It got me to thinking about all the documentaries I have watched about Global Warming. I believe it is highly probable this will happen eventually if changes aren't made - I think it'll happen regardless of changes we make. I don't believe it will be altogether cataclysmic for a very long time, though. My reasons for believing it as truth? I do understand that climate changes are common throughout history. We have much recorded weather history to look back on gauging these changes. Some of them were severe, some were not so severe. I also am rather certain that within this history, there hasn't been the glacier melting at the speed it is today. At least not in the recorded history. I'm sure it has happened several times over the life of the Earth. I think the energies we use & the amount in which we use them does have a profound affect on the gasses that accumulate in our atmosphere. This because there are more people, more cars, more everything than there has ever been on this planet. All of these gasses, more than ever emitted, do gather up there & are causing the earth to warm. If the glaciers melt, there is more dark ocean to absorb the heat & less white ice to reflect it. The more heat that gets absorbed, the more melting there will be and the warmer the Earth will become. While I believe the Earth is going through a very normal earthly transition, I also believe that we are speeding up the process.

Over the time the Earth has existed, scientists will attest it's had its share of Global Warmings. Many natural & some brought about by catastrophic events. I'd just like our lovely planet to be around until my kids', kids', kids' are grown & even longer. I dont' want to see anything drastic happen while I'm still alive, or my kids. I'm not an activist, but I do try to do my share to help in my little kingdom. For now, that's all I can do.

I hate doing this when I'm tired. I see to repeat too many things, too often. Making sense isn't my strong suit feeling this sleepy, but being boring is. I have to remind myself in here to talk about how much I don't know & still have to learn for next time. & about my writing blog, I lost the bug, but I am still going to do the opposing perspective.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday's Foto Finish Fiesta

This is one of my favorite photos because she looks so natural. Of course it would have been so much better if she had actually smiled, but at least it's an image with no fillers. This was the same day as the last image I chose.

Thank you, Candid Carrie! Here's hoping this Friday brings us as much joy in the photos as it did last week!

Join the fun!

Friday's Foto Finish Fiesta!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Flash Fiction for 5-01-08

My writing blog - hopefully it will continue.

CreativeConstipation Outlet

Changing fonts...

I can't help myself. I have to because I still haven't found one I love. Sorry.

Never enough

Some of my early blogging (there were only 4 of them), I feel like I'm taking a wrong turn somewhere. Like I'm not being honest about who I am. I will have to just continue the way I was. I think honesty is the way to go. If I can't be true to myself, who can I be true to? This blog is about me. I am the reason it exists.

I also feel like I am inferiorly educated. I spent some time at a poetry forum - a good one, one that allows those who wish to learn, to learn. After spending that time there (and I will go back), I feel like a big ole dummy. I know I'm not one, but many of those who write & post there are well educated. I only got through the 10th grade. My circumstances didn't allow me to finish school and a Dean of students of a school outside my district suggested I just get my GED & get on with my life. It was some of the best advice I got ever in my life - except I didn't use it as wisely as I should have...hindsight. So while I whine about not feeling very smart, I still am doing nothing to change it.

I feel a bit in a stalemate, I guess. We are waiting to close on our refi. Can't beat the rate & cutting off 7 years on our loan. I am going to work on a more strict budget - hard to do when I don't pay the bills, Tony does. I believe I can figure out ways to cut corners better than he does. Even though he is great at getting our bills paid, he isn't an inspired saver. Not that I don't love to spend, I do. That is his worry, that I will overspend endlessly - to me, even that he suggests that is stupid. (I've gotten side tracked here) He puts money away in our savings every year. Every year, we spend that - we are in a situation that, in order to live the lifestyle we do, he must work at least 8 hours of OT each week. He does this usually and it's not something he feels so much, because it's 2 hours over 4 days a week. There have been times in our marriage that he worked through the weekends, if it was necessary. I think, in a way he's changed his ideal on the money saving front, but not in the most positive way. I may be the cause of this with my ...oh, you only live once, the money isn't really getting saved any how - we always end up spending it...etc. The thing with that is, I think we do need to save, but the savings should be gradual, not huge lump sums - this way, we do get to enjoy some of it. Savings should be consistently added to, even in small amounts. Savings should be off limits - always. I think we need to have an account that is for emergency purposes. Once our savings has grown a bit, I think we do need to invest some of it. With today's economy, that isn't an easy prospect to swallow, but if one wants to grow money, sometimes small risks are necessary. I wanted us to open IRAs when were were 23 & 24. That would have been really smart. He wouldn't do it, still won't. Why? I have no idea.

Stalemate - I want to do some things with the excess from the refi. I need a new vacuum and am giving up the Dyson idea. They are too expensive for now. Someday, but today, I can suffer a less expensive one - I just want one I don't have to reassert the belt everytime I start it up, one that actually sucks up the cat hair. All suggestions are welcome, if anyone has any. I also wanted to buy some art, our walls were bare before the recent paint. They aren't now, but I am still desiring one or 2 more pieces. Target, here I come. I think I will wait until next year for the dining set. I think we would be better served putting that away for now. Half in savings & half in emergency. Talking more & more about this, thinking about it - I realize there will always be something I think we need or something I want. And it's always for the house or the kids...always.


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