Saturday, April 26, 2008

She's so unusual

Looking at that word..unusual...looks odd to me. Maybe I just never really took a good look before.

My daughter is 4. She is my only girl after 3 boys, so I feel rather lucky to be having the experience of a girl. There are quite a few quirky things about her. The first and sometimes most alarming is her gas factor. Yes, she has gas like her father. If she took anything from him genetically, I think that's the big one (can gas be passed on that way? me thinks it's possible). From birth this child has been gassy. Not the usual painful infant gas (it never seemed to bother her much in that way), but audible farts, no joke. Before her, I'd never really heard an infant fart. We can see it & sense it, as mothers, but never did I hear until Maia. The fartiest baby I ever knew & now, the fartiest girl I know. She hasn't ever been shy about it and most often we all get a good laugh from it. Not, at least, until last summer. We were out to dinner and she farted. Both my hub & I looked at each other grinning, and she was laughing (so were the boys). Then I explained to her that farting was something we did in private. After that moment, each public fart, if she can't hold it, has been her mortification. She will cry, occasionally and I can't help but wonder if I scarred the girl. Don't get me wrong, she'd be much more mortified if she learnt that lesson the hard way later in her young life, but still...

The other day (last week) we had Polish sausage for dinner. She loves that - it's one of the few things she'll always eat in her picky stage. She had her fill & the next day...OH MY GOD! The gas was the smelliest! I swear it came from her dad & not her (and what is it with the men enjoying their "mixture", or is mine the only one who relishes it?). She was sitting on the couch at one point & the smell hit her bad, after she giggled the noise away. She almost cried because she thought it smelled so bad! I was laughing because it was sweetly sad & funny at the same time. Keep in mind, she was quite sleepy at the time and we all know most girls are a little more sensitive when they're sleepy (hell, all little ones are). Aside from the farting, she is mostly girly. She loves to have her nails painted, wear her jewelry & her dresses, plays with her Barbies, Littlest Pets, Ponies and stuffed animals. This year for her birthday, we asked her what she wanted. She said Transformers & Ninja Turtles... Yeah. My mom actually got her the mini Leonardo set with the bad guy, Hun. She was pleased as punch, but now Andy claims it's his Leo if he can't find his own. Heh. She doesn't care much if Andy makes his claim - she can just grab his cars & he's giving Leo back to her.

They do often say the funniest things and here I am talking about some of the yuckiest...more. She put her finger in her nose the other day & said she could "feel her brain". Of course I got a laugh out of it & explained reality to her. I shared it with my hub & her older brother, Kyle, among a few others. It's cute the things they say. Tonight, we were in the garage (I was smoking there because it was raining - I hate when they must follow, the whole reason I go in there is so they don't have to be around it) and she picks her nose & says she's touching her brain. Another giggle from me & her alike. Her favorite joke is:

"Knock, knock?
Who's there?
Banana who?
Banana that got flushed down the toilet."

I always play the gimme five thing with her, you know - gimme five, up high, down low, too slow? She & Andy LOVE that game, especially if they can hit my hand. I added an element to it, the "in the hole" element and then "thanks for cleaning out my toilet bowl". The hoots of laughter I got after that one were awesome! Well, she made up her own. Gimme five, up high, down low, fire in the hole! Whenever I hear that, I think of Stella from Over the Hedge - so I'm thinking she's thinking stinky stuff.

Yeah, she's so unusual.

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