Thursday, April 17, 2008

2 in one day

Yes! Odd maybe? Not really - or it shouldn't be. This is something I should be prolific in, because it seems I really have so much to say to no one at all! I've had few profile/blog views. Most of them are probably my own. As long as I have something to read...heh. (gaw...who wants to reinforce the issues in their life? double, even triple whammy)

I always say I'm not going to watch idol beyond the auditions because those are really the best part. I find myself growing fond of contestants, though, during the audition process. I am a lover of music - many kinds of music. This year idol came across an incredible pool of talent. These young people can really sing. I am very sad to say the voters got it wrong last week in not voting for Michael Johns. Kristy Lee had stepped it up the last few weeks, but she shouldn't have even been around this long. At this point in the show, I think it's bad to see any one of them go because they all deserve record deals based on the talent they have. My favorite is David Cook - I will buy his albums. He sings in a style a love & his voice soothes my ears. I can't wait to hear the music he will pen on his own. Of all the contestants left, his music is probably the only stuff I'd pay for. Maybe Carly's, too. It depends on which direction she takes. I wouldn't ever buy, or even download for free, the music of David Archuleta. The kid's a voice prodigy (well, nearly) but I can't stand his style. Lite music special. I hope he does win idol, though because then he's the one with the longest ties to the idol purse strings. David Cook needs another route to travel. I almost don't want him on the show so he can move forward & pursue the music, like Chris Daughtry. Enough boring...

The boys had a late start today, reverse half day. These are cool - I like being able to sleep in a bit. They have tomorrow off - a 3 day that should have been a 4 day weekend. Snow make up day on Monday. It should be a fun weekend. The weather is finally nice - even if it will be cloudy, we can hang out outside. 7 can finally drive his car.

I know as I post my journal shit, it will get hectic at times, just as it does for me. I hope I'm not too harsh on my hub. His fantasy baseball started on March 31. All has gone okay with that until last Sunday. He really has his priorities screwed up. And I am now the official black cat. How much eye white did you see with that eye roll? He claims that he doesn't believe in all that "superstitous bullshit", direct quote, but I am now a black cat. I am responsible for the hits the players get off of his pitchers, as well as the strike outs the batters attain and the lack of homeruns his team hits. I must be some kinda cooler. No team in MLB would want me at the ball field watching. Anyway, I was asked by my supafly friend if I was ready for the season. I now realize I completely forgot how bad it can get during baseball season. While I told her I was ready - I don't think anyone can be, especially not me.

I might need a season long vacation.

~ A

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