Saturday, November 17, 2007

Getting ready for dinner & then some

So - I was cleaning today. Got most of the vacuuming done before I had to finish up getting dinner on the table. I have my eight hands all around the kitchen & my daughter wakes from her nap - runs up to me & does her little happy noise to signify her awakening. I acknowledge it. Then the 2 of my younger ones go ahead & sit - they proceed to bicker & annoy one another. By the time I have mashed the taters, gotten the gravy ready, sliced the beef, microed the corn & made up the plates (yes, I do this) I am nearly at the end of my rope from the repeated tellings of stop, cut it out, leave your sister/brother alone....etc.

Cue the husband. He is a silly one, most of the time. He comes on up and as he's getting ready to sit, he announces he will be kicking ass if it continues. It stops momentarily. I really wish I had a tape recorder running so I could relay the conversations. Dinner in this house (prolly as in many others as well) is quite the adventure.

I'm wiped & irritated. Our 6 year old son is grinning. The husband lets him no that he will kick the 6 year old's butt, if he needs to. The boy retorts with "I will kick yours then." (common, we let the little stuff go, as most of the time it is metioned with the silliness - if serious, we get serious). We tell my daughter she has to eat all on her plate (because she is only having corn & bread...) or she will not get any treats. She says she will.

In the meantime, the oldest one here (13) comments on the larger than the boy can handle bites the 6 year old is taking, because everytime the 6 kid opens his mouth, those little food mash noises escape. I remind 6 kid that if he shovels his food in, he will get to be a cow. If he always shovels, he will be a very big, fat man. I told him that he has to take smaller bites to enjoy the flavor and to get full slowly. My daughter mentions that "if you don't you will be a cow." He is a skinny little dude. I am no skinny mini (nor am I huge, though) - not by any stretch to either - so the hub points to my gut. Yeah, I say - "so what are you implying?" He grins - we don't have issues with this - he was simply teasing & I understand it.

The 6 kid says he won't be a cow, but rather a pig. Then 13 tells him if he continues to eat this way, he will lose all the mac n' cheese that is in his head, serving as his brain (old inside thing - 6 is all heart & gets the joking. 6 was the one that said he had mac'n cheese for brains...). The mac n' cheese will become mashed potatoes. 6 is happy with this. 13 grins. Then asks what dad wants to be when he grows up. I say dad will never grow up. 13 says he will be in college until he's 120.

Ahhhh, family fun stuff. Is this what life is about? I was already out of my pissy ass mood by the time I took my first bite.

We also did some family shopping today - I hate shopping with family & the weekend before Thanksgiving is awful. I kept telling the little ones not to talk to me. See, this is where I question my parenting - what the hell were other people probably thinking? It's just that the children are incessant with the questions and can I haves. So instead of really responding, I resort to "Just don't talk to me..." They can bug their dad with it - I do everything else. "But mom....."GAH! I think I heard "can I have" about 45 times in 25 minutes. "Stop talking."

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